Best Time to Visit Lalbaugcha Raja 2019

Best Time to Visit Lalbaugcha Raja 2019

During Ganesh Chaturthi, millions of Ganesha devotees visit Lalbaug area of Mumbai to take darshan of Lalbaugcha Raja – the beloved Ganesha idol who fulfills all wishes.

The idol of Lalbaugcha Raja is kept for public display for eleven days thereafter it is immersed on the auspicious day of Anant Chaturdashi.

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There are two lines for darshan of Lalbaugcha Raja. 

  1. Navsachi Line
  2. Mukh Darshan Line

The Navsachi line is for people who want to get their wishes fulfilled. This line attracts huge public and it  takes around 25 – 30 and sometimes up to 40 hours to get darshan in this line.

The second line in meant for Mukh darshan. This line also attracts huge public and it takes around 5 – 8 hours and sometimes up to 12 – 14 hours to get darshan in this line as well, especially on Weekends.

I am sure you might be searching for the Best Time to Visit Lalbaugcha Raja so that you get less line and your darshan is done quickly.

Best Time to Visit Lalbaugcha Raja :

It is generally observed that the Mukh Darshan line at Lalbaugcha Raja is less on 1st Day and 2nd Day as many Maharashtrians bring one and half or three day Ganpati at their homes.

The Navsachi line and the Mukh darshan line is again less on the day when Gauri arrives i.e., 3rd Ganesh of Ganesh Chaturthi and once again less on Gauri Visarjan i.e., 5th day of Ganesh Chaturthi.

The Navsachi line and the Mukh darshan line is very big on weekends and hence if possible avoid going for Darshan on these days.

Also line might be lesser at late nights and early in morning as compared to the day time, especially evening time.


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