Book : Photobiography captures Lalbaugcha Raja’s History

Lalbaugcha Raja Book

I am sure that devotees of Lord Ganesha, would be eager to know about Books related to Lalbaugcha Raja.

When we tried to search for Books related to Lalbaugcha Raja on few major book stalls and online portals like Flipkart, Amazon, etc we noticed there no such book on Lalbaugcha Raja are selling.

We noticed one book, basically a Photobiography of Lalbaugcha Raja by calligrapher Achyut Palav which was released in 2010.

Photobiography of Lalbaugcha Raja by Achyut Palav :

The photobiography, Lalbaugcha Raja, with the calligraphic narration, not only takes the reader through the 76-year-old history of Lalbaughcha Raja, but also connects him to emotions of the devotees.

Apart from photographs of the idols for 76 years, the book also has attempted to capture various moods and colours of the festivities. The book takes the reader through the idol-making process. After taking him through the various colours and joyous moments of ten days, the mood pictures of the emersion procession on eleventh day would surely make him sentimental.

Achyut Palav

If you don’t know who is Achyut Palav, then let me tell you, Achyut Palav is a familiar face in the art community of India. He is a renowned calligrapher whose life’s mission has been to propagate Indian scripts.


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