Lalbaugcha Raja Rangoli

If you are devotee of Lalbaugcha Raja Ganesha Idol, then you would like to know about this.

I am taking about Lalbaugcha Raja Rangoli.

Yes, in this article i am talking about a 3D Rangoli of Lalbaugcha Raja made by Bhaavana Bhedaa, a well known Rangoli maker.

3D Rangoli of Lalbaugcha Raja

Residing in Santacruz area of Mumbai, Bhaavana Bhedaa is holder in Limca Book of world Records for performing Music and making Rangoli’s.

Every year during Diwali, she holds a free exhibition displaying her Rangolis at Chandanmahal, Santacruz(e), Mumbai-400055

In the video below you can see the 3D Rangoli of Lalbaugcha Raja made by her.

Lalbaugcha Raja Rangoli :

Video of Bhaavana Bhedaa’s Unique 3D Rangoli of Lalbagh Cha Raja (seen with anaglyph glasses)


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