Lalbaugcha Raja Replica Idols for Ganesh Chaturthi

Like every year, once again this year during Ganesh Chaturthi, tens of thousands of devotees will queue up to get a darshan of Lalbaugcha Raja, arguably Mumbai’s most famous Ganesha idol.

But there are few lucky people who will be able to avoid the queues where devotees are known to spend 24 hours or more for a darshan that barely lasts a few seconds.

These lucky people will get Lalbaugcha Raja Replica Idols which they will bring to their home during Ganesh Chaturthi.

Lalbaugcha Raja Replica Idol Photo

Once again this year, Santosh Kambli – the maker of Lalbaugcha Raja Idol will make around 125 small replicas and 28 larger ones of Lalbaugcha Raja, at his workshop in Chinchpokli

Santosh Kambli, the third generation of a family that has been sculpting the Lalbaugcha Raja idol since 1935, was flooded with requests to make replicas of the Lalbaugcha Raja idol by many who said they find it difficult to make the journey to Lalbaug (central Mumbai), or wait in queue for the darshan.

This year again, he has made 125 small replicas (2.5 – 3.5 foot tall), and 28 larger replicas (6 – 9 foot tall).

“I got many requests from mandals to make a 12-foot-tall replica, which is the height of the original Lalbaugcha Raja. But I told them clearly that there is only one Lalbaugcha Raja, the rest are all replicas. At no cost will I make another one of this height,” Kambli said.

Lalbaugcha Raja Replica

If you did not know about this don’t worry, nest year you can contact Santosh Kambli and place your order for Lalbaugcha Raja Replica Idol much much before Ganesh Chaturthi.


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