Making of Lalbaugcha Raja : Photo & Video

In 2019, Ganesh Chaturthi will be celebrated on 2nd September 2019.

The Lalbaugcha Raja also known as the King of Lalbaug, is the most famous Ganesh idol or the Sarvajanik Ganapati in Mumbai.

It is believed that this Ganesha Idol is Navsacha Ganpati (which means the fulfiller of the wishes) and million people visit this Ganesh Pandal daily during the 10 day Ganeshotsav.

This idol is prepare with lots of hard work and equal contribution of various artists. It take around 60 – 75 days – day and night work to complete this idol by Ganesh Chaturthi.

I think all the fun, devotees of the Lalbaugcha Raja would be eager to see the Making of Lalbaugcha Raja. So, here is how Lalbaugcha Raja is made.

Photos explaining Making of Lalbaugcha Raja :

Lalbaugcha Raja Feet Pooja 2019 Photo

In the this picture we can see that the right feet of the idol is ready and before making the complete structure there is a pooja known as the “Ganesh Muhurat Poojan” or “Paool Pujan” or “Paul Poojan” is preformed.

Lalbaugcha Raja 2019 Ganesh Muhurat Poojan Photo

Here we can see the members of the Lalbaugcha Raja Sarvajanik Mandal are sitting together and worshiping the feet.

Making of Lalbaugcha Raja

Making of Lalbaugcha Raja 1

Making of Lalbaugcha Raja 2

In the above three pictures we can see that the different parts of the idol are being attached to each other.

Making of Lalbaugcha Raja 3

Making of Lalbaugcha Raja 4

The above two pictures shows that the basic idol of Lord Ganpati is almost made ready by the artists.

Making of Lalbaugcha Raja 5

Making of Lalbaugcha Raja 6

In these two pictures the we can see that the painters have started their work of painting the idol.

Making of Lalbaugcha Raja 7

Making of Lalbaugcha Raja 8

Here painter is painting one of the most important part of the idol, .i.e; Ganpatiji’s beautiful eyes and eye borrows.

Making of Lalbaugcha Raja 9

The painters job is done by know and the attractive idol of Ganpati is ready.

Making of Lalbaugcha Raja 10            Making of Lalbaugcha Raja 11

Now give the actual raja look to the idol, ganpatiji is made wear different real gold ornaments, for hands, legs, wrest, shoulders, round the neck , etc.

Lalbaugcha Raja 2019 Wallpaper

And then finally we have the idol ready which can be seen below with all the garments and jewels.

Ganpati Bappa Morya…!!!

Video of Making of Lalbaugcha Raja :


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